Holistic Health Care


  • Christopher M Bonnichsen LAc MaAOM with Ascending Hope Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Shiatsu, Tui na focused on pregnancy/fertility issues and breast cancer. Ph: (503) 998-6357 ascendinghope@gmail.com
  • Celia Linneman Acupuncture and Herbs: Specializes in pregnancy, postpartum and menstrual health. Ph: (971) 300-4944 celialinnemann@gmail.com
  • Working Class Acupuncture: Mission is to provide low-cost acupuncture to the community. $15-$35 per treatment. SW, SE, NE. Book online. 
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine: Offers affordable acupuncture, herbal consultation and massage through teaching clinics. Ph: (503) 445-0950. Downtown, Northeast Portland. Schedule online.  
  • Sea Star Community Acupuncture: Offers community acupuncture on a sliding scale, first visit $30-$60. Northeast Portland. Ph: (503) 253-0669. 9a-12a OR 3p-6p depending on day. 
  • Cedar Moon Acupuncture and Herbs: Sandy Evans is a licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui Na, Herbal Medicine. Northwest Portland. Ph: (503) 333-9870. lagressa@hotmail.com. 


  • National College of Natural Medicine: Oldest accredited naturopathic medical college in North America. Community clinics in Beaverton and all over metro area. Most visits $20-$40. Services vary by location and include primary care, women's health, acupuncture and more. Schedule and appointment by phone. Ph: (503) 552-1515 for metro clinics. Ph: (503) 552-1551 for main campus clinic. 
    • Tammy Ashney, ND focus on Hormone Balance, Women's Health, Environmental Medicine. 
    • Rich Barrett, ND focus on ENT, Family Medicine and Pediatrics
    • Lisa Taulbee, ND focus on Colposcopy, Hormone Balance, Women's Health
    • Kimberly Windstar, MEd, ND focus on Drainage Therapy, Hormone Balance, Women's Health 
  • Mississippi Health Center: Dedicated to whole health for the family. Acupuncture, Environmental Medicine, Holistic Pelvic Care, Infant Craniosacral Therapy, IV Nutrient Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Medicinal Teas. Northeast Portland. Ph: (503) 282-5358. mhcfrontdeask@gmail.com
  • A Woman's Time Clinic: Specialize in the treatment of women of all ages with gynecological, hormonal, primary care and general health problems. Naturopathic Medicine, Fertility/Infertility, Holistic Pelvic Care, The O-Shot, Acupuncture, Breast Cancer Care, Coaching, Massage Therapy. Ph: (503) 222-2322
  • Yew Medicine: Ami Opal is a licensed naturopathic physician specializing in the pelvis. Holistic Pelvic Care, Mayan Abdominal Massage and Spiritual Healing, Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal, Women's Annual Exam and Pap. Southeast Portland. Ph: (971) 254-5550.
  • OHSU Center for Women's Health:  They offer complementary and alternative medicine on the hill  including acupuncture, naturopathic care, traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and mind body techniques. Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine: Yunpeng Luo, L.Ac., D.A.O.M. Naturopathic Medicine: Lynne Shinto, N.D. M.P.H. Ph: (503) 418-4500. 

Home Birth Midwives:

  • Canyon Medical Center: Portland's only Naturopathic Birth Center and Primary Care Clinic specializing in midwifery, water birth, and more. Ph: (971) 212-2553. Portland near Beaverton. info@canyonmedcenter.com
  • Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center: Professional, full-service, and personalized midwifery care for the childbearing year. Salem. Ph: (503) 315-2229. info@gentlebirthcenter.com
  • Andaluz Waterbirth Center:  CPMs, CNMs, and NDs who provide skilled care that's safe and sensitive to you and your baby. Birth Center and Homebirth. Southwest Portland and Tualatin. Ph: (503) 885-0228. info@waterbirth.net
  • Trillium Waterbirth Center: Only midwifery run licensed birthing center in Southern Oregon. Continuity of Care, Prenatal Care, Labor and Birth, Postpartum Care, Well-womens exams, Water birth, Gentle Birth. Grants Pass. Ph: (541) 479-4483 billing.trillium@gmail.com
  • Vivante Midwifery and Women's Health: A unique combination of CNMs and CPMs that offer home birth and GYN services including prenatal care, attendance at birth at home, and postpartum care. Southeast Portland. Ph: (503) 652-8076 info@vivantemidwifery.com
  • Portland Natural Birth: Specialized services that support a health pregnancy, promote a natural birth, and foster a holistic postpartum recovery. Comprehensive midwifery care including home births, advanced prenatal and postpartum bodywork, professional placenta medicine services, and holistic pelvic care therapy. Portland. Ph: varies see website. 
  • Northwest Community Midwives: Provides compassionate and skilled pregnancy care and home birth services. Southeast Portland. Ph: (503) 307-5412. katrina.bubasstevens@gmail.com
  • Rosehip Midwifery: Prenatal, home birth, and postpartum care in addition to sibling support, lactation support, herbal support, massage, placenta encapsulation, and childbirth classes. Portland. Ph: (503) 504-0885, (503) 805-1143. rosehipmidwifery@gmail.com.
  • Aurora Birth Center: Natural Birth Care and Certified Nurse Midwives in Salem and surrounding areas. Ph: (503) 678-6269. 
  • Alma Midwifery Services: CPMs and CNMs offer home, birth center, and water birth as well as support for hospital births. Education and Movement space. Southeast Portland. Ph: (503) 233-3001. ifo@almamidwifery.com
  • Full Moon Midwifery: Home birth/water birth, individualized prenatal care, newborn exams and care, breastfeeding support, postpartum home visits, birthing tubs. Canby. Ph: (503) 348-8778. organicbabies@canby.com
  • Tiny Love Midwifery: Complete midwifery care, prenatal care, home birth or freestanding birth center,  breastfeeding support and education, VBAC by Kristen Downer CPM, LDM. Northeast Portland. Ph: (512) 552-2943. 
  • Glow Midwifery: Home birth and water birth expertise, experience with VBAC, self-pay discount for clients paying out of pocket. Southeast Portland. Ph: (971) 275-6106. 

Private Practice Medical Doctors:

  • Synergy Women's Health Care: an integrative clinic offering gynecologic and naturopathic care under one roof for a blended and holistic approach and a full complement of health care services. Ph: (503) 227-4050. Schedule online. 



  • Radiant Mother Massage: Barbara specializes in Shiatsu and Swedish massage and especially loves working with pregnant mamas. 
  • Crafting Your Birth: Chelsey specializes in Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Kinesiology and Structural Integration. Portland. Ph: (208) 794-0742 chelsey@craftingyourbirth.com
  • Mama Needs Massage: Marissa Emery specializes in Swedish massage, cranial sacral therapy, deep tissue, polarity therapy, myofascial techniques, and prenatal massage. Portland. Ph: (503) 384-8877 MarissaLani@gmail.com
  • Zenana Spa: Specializes in working with childbearing families. Portland. Ph: (503) 238-6262 info@zenana-spa.com 
  • Plant Spirit Massage: Tricia Weber specializes in massage, cranial sacral, closing of the bones and spiritual healing. Sellwood. Contact through linked website. 
  • Silver Rain Massage: Jacqueline Christine specializes in auto injuries, deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone. Oregon City. Ph: (503) 729-3275 SilverRainMassage@gmail.com

Cranial sacral therapy: 

  • A Healing Approach: Teresa Robertson specializes in Craniosacral therapy in addition to Zen Shiatsu, Qigong, Reiki and more. They specialize in craniosacral therapy for pregnant women, infants and toddlers. Serving Portland and surrounding suburbs. Ph: (503) 784-4775 ahealingapproachmassage@comcast.net. 
  • Growing Care in Portland Family Health: Dr. Shannon Anhorn is a chiropractic physician and craniosacral therapist. She is certified in Webster Technique, which helps align your pelvis during pregnancy. Ph: (503) 777-0444 care@growingcarepdx.com
  • Mama Needs Massage (see under Massage)
  • Silver Rain Massage (see under Massage)

Chiropractic therapy:

  • Whole Mama Whole Child: Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy centered around moms and kids.  Portland. Ph: (503) 282-1118  info@wholemamawholechild.com
  • Luna Chiropractic: Offering prenatal, postpartum, pediatric chiropractic care along with craniosacral therapy, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, holistic pelvic care, and core restoration. Ph: (503) 289-1390 info@lunachiropractic.com
  • City Fit Family Chiropractic Center: Offers diversified-type chiropractic manipulative therapy, soft-tissue techniques such as massage, Graston Technique, Kinesiotaping, rehab, and lifestyle modification. Downtown Portland. Ph: (503) 224-5010 info@cityfitchiro.com
  • Growing Care (see under Cranial Sacral Therapy)

Pelvic Floor Therapy: 

  • Canyon Medical Center (see under Home Birth Midwives)
  • Portland Natural Birth (see under Home Birth Midwives)
  • Mississippi Health Center (see under Naturopaths)
  • A Woman's Time Clinic (see under Naturopaths)
  • Yew Medicine (see under Naturopaths)
  • Growing Care (see under Cranial Sacral Therapy)

Childbirth Education

Class times and phone numbers vary, please check linked website for current info. 

Breastfeeding Support

  • Alma Midwifery: Breastfeeding support group Tuesdays 1:30p-2:30p $5 (see under Home Birth Midwives)
  • Lotus Lactation: Megan Maltby is a certified breastfeeding counselor and lactation consultant, also offers prenatal appointments, in home or clinic consults, and support groups. Beaverton. megan@lactationpdx.com
  • Miracle of Nurture: Lactation care supporting new and expanding families. Ph: (503) 762-1632
  • Luna Lactation: Melissa Cole is a lactation consultant providing comprehensive support to families coping with feeding concerns. Consultations, classes, events, supplies and equipment. Northwest Portland. Ph: (360) 830-MILK 
  • Natural Latch: Team of board certified lactation consultants providing holistic, compassionate, evidence-based support through all stages of breastfeeding. Ph: (971) 279-7563 info@naturallatch.com
  • Dr. Bobby Ghaheri: A modern approach to tongue tie, lip tie, and breastfeeding medicine. Portland. Ph: (503) 488-2626

La Leche League of Portland: This organization and website has so much information on breastfeeding and arranges support groups here!

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Baby Blues Connection Support Groups:

Warmline: 1 (800) 944-4773 Someone from Postpartum Support International will respond within a day. 

Warmline: 1(800) 557-8375 Someone from Baby Blues Connection will respond within a day. 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255

Cascade Abortion Support Collective: Support around this sensitive time, provided for free by this wonderful organization. The loss can be very heavy regardless of the circumstances, reach out for help. contact@CacscadesAbortionSupport.org (503) 610-0692

Fourth Trimester Care

Postpartum Doulas:

Kangaroo Mother Care: For help caring with your premature baby. jill@kangaroomothercare.com, nils@kangaroomothercare.com

Caregivers Placement Agency: Get help find a permanent or temporary nanny. Ph: (503) 244-6370 info@cgpa.com 

New Parent Group, Alma Midwifery (above) Thursdays 10:00a -12:00p. $3-$5. (see under Home Birth Midwives)

Birthing Stone Doula: Healthy sleep class. $50. Beaverton. Contact varies, see linked website. 

Therapy and Counseling

Portland Birth Counseling: Brooke Noli is a doula and therapist that specializes in pregnancy and postpartum counseling, as well as birth story processing.

Motheroots Counseling: A collaboration of independent therapists who are committed to meeting the unique needs of women and their partners in the childbearing years. Portland. Contact varies by insurance, please visit linked website. 

For You Are Made of Stars, Tina Lilly Counseling: Where you find courage and strength to live and love well. Counseling and therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples. SE and NE Portland. Ph: (503) 380-0424 tinalillycounseling@gmail.com

Beth Bassett, MS LPC: Specializes in supporting individuals and couple struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, infertility, miscarriage, abortion and neonatal loss, transition to parenthood, trauma related to childbirth, premenstrual moods, PTSD trauma and sexual health. Westmoreland. Ph: (503) 539-4488 

Robin Gibler, MA LPC NCC: offers individual counseling for women and adolescent girls, especially pregnant and postpartum women and their families. Western Psychological, Tigard. Ph: (503)-624-2600

Kirk Shepard, MA NCC: Offers couples therapy, sex therapy, and is also specializes in counseling new dads. Portland. Ph: (503) 498-8102 kirk@rootstockcounseling.com


The Tummy Team: Restore your core! Ph: (360) 952-CORE

Mamalates: Birth recovery essentials combined with pilates. wendy@mamalates.com

Baby Boot Camp: Classes all over the Portland area. Contacts vary, see linked website. 


  • the bhaktishop offers both prenatal and mama & baby yoga. 
  • Sarah Robinette has prenatal classes at Yoga Pearl but can also help any yogi looking to cater their practice to fertility. 
  • Alma Midwifery (see Home Birth Midwives) has a yoga class for everyone. 


ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) of Portland: If you are hoping for a VBAC, attending the meetings can be helpful to prepare for your birth. Fourth Monday of every month, 7-9 pm, 4125 SW 185th Beaverton, OR 97007.

Birthing Stone Doula: VBAC prep classes. $100, (503) 718-7574

Midwifery Practices:

Homebirth Cesarean Book

Placenta Encapsulation

Most services will provide prints, tinctures, tea, and salves in addition to encapsulating your placenta one of two ways, Chinese medicine with herbs or dehydration only. Some will also trade, barter, or offer their services on a sliding scale. It is best to have the placenta processed in your own home, this avoids possible contamination. 

If you would like to bring your placenta home, it is best to take a cooler and a medium sized tupperware to store your placenta while you are in the hospital. 

Placenta Power: placentapower@gmail.com Ph: (503) 956-2980

Tree of Life: pdxplacentalady@gmail.com Ph: (971) 808-2253

Sapling: Will provide last minute pick up Ph: (914) 319-9955

Turning Tides Midwifery: jmoon@turningtidesmidwifery.com Ph: (971) 678-2842

Rosehip MIdwifery: rosehipmidwifery@gmail.com Ph:(503) 504-0885


Piccolina: Located on Clinton and Woodstock. See website for various phone numbers and locations. 

Hazel and Pear: Consignment in Brooklyn. Ph: (971) 544-7798 3432

Grasshopper: Organic and American made clothing and toys. Online store also. Alberta. Ph: (503) 335-3131

Milagros Boutique: Products, education and services all in one. Online store also. Killingsworth. Ph: (503) 493-4141